India Vaccinated Over 75 Lakh People in a single day, Higest so far

COVID-19: India vaccinates record 75 lakh people in a day


In a record, India has Vaccinated 75 lakh people against covid-19 till 6 pm; the Highest in a Single Day and Still time to call it a day.


As of now, data is available at at Or at COWIN, India Has Vaccinated about 78 lakh plus people in a day. As of now, this is a very big number for India in terms of vaccination in a single day.


India vaccinates record 75 lakh people in a day
India vaccinates record 75 lakh people in a day


As the Centre Government ‘revised Guidelines for Covid-19 vaccination‘ gets kick-started today. In these guidelines, All adults will be provided Free vaccine jabs, and The Health Ministry of India informed that above 75 lakhs of doses were administered till evening at 6 pm and currently at 8 pm the website is showing of 78 lakhs which is the highest for India. India’s Total Covid-19 Vaccine coverage is around 28.7 Crore.



What is the new vaccination policy in India?

On 8 June 2021, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Announced That The Central Government will kick-start the biggest national vaccination drive, and central government will take care of 75 percent of vaccines and will be distributed among state for Vaccination of peoples.

This is after the Centre took over vaccination from the states. 


Health Ministry On briefing, Dr. VK Paul, Member, Health of the NITI Aayog said, 

“There will be a systematic flow of vaccines to the private sector as well. I am hopeful that in this way, there will be a lot of energy in the participation of the private sector and vaccination sites will increase”.


It means states will play the important role in regulating the vaccines in the Private hospitals. State Government should ensure the administrations of vaccines by completing demand of private hospital in a regulated manner.


Records: Madhya Pradesh inoculated 12 lakh people today

According to the data from the Union Health Ministry, states such as Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, and Haryana made significant contributions to today’s record. Madhya Pradesh  inoculated 12 lakh people vaccinated, Similarly Karnataka vaccinated 8.73 lakh people, and UP administered 5.84 lakh doses on Monday. India’s previous single-day vaccination record was of 42 lakh doses, administered on April 2.


India vaccinates record 75 lakh people in a day
India vaccinates record 75 lakh people in a day


India’s coronavirus situation

In the last 24 hours, India reported 53,256 Covid-19 cases, the lowest since March 24. Cases were at the peak in may reporting around  400,000 cases and deaths soared to around 170,000 in April-May.


Due to this in the last 30 days, India has administered an average of around 27 lakh Covid-19 vaccines per day. India’s Target is to produce over 200 Crore Of Doses At The End of this year. Let’s hope Everything Gets better.


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